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NEP 2020 Education in India Colleges List


The word 'Shikshan' used in many native languages in India translates to Education, Learning, Training, Human Resources Development etc. is on Inspiring Missions

The missions that inspire are,
1. Developing and aggregating resources and providing platform which contributes towards Education or Human Resources Development, especially in India and also globally
2. Making these aggregated and developed resources, services & tools, and information available in convenient ways to the seekers of such resources
3. Empowering the seekers with information, knowledge, tools for fulfillment of their needs optimally
4. Stimulating and facilitating exploration and research in relation to educational philosophy and educational activities

Resources . Services . Tools

Published resources at include aggregation of Institutions of Higher Education (HEIs) i.e. Colleges in India, and Engineering, Management, Pharmacy and other career courses provided through these colleges. is in process of reaching and covering every institution, course and location in India or as many possible with our resources.  |  Contact  |  About Shikshan  |  Privacy Policy  |  Terms of Use  |  Sitemap  |  NEP 2020  |  India Education